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Why your Wedding Photographs are so important.


Your Wedding Day is very special. Months of preparation, ordering and organising. The Dress, the Hairdresser, Make-up, the Bridesmaids/Pageboys outfits, Bridegroom/Bestman/Ushers outfits, the Cake, the Catering, the Floral arrangements, the Venue, the Reception, the Cars, the Guest list, the Honeymoon. An incredible amount of effort by all involved to ensure a day to remember. And you will find the day goes all too quickly.

When you arrive at your Silver Wedding Anniversary in 25 years time, what will you have left to remind of your Wedding day? The flowers wilted and expired shortly after the event, the cake & catering is long forgotten, can't get those beautiful shoes on over your bunions, can't remember how all your friends looked or what most of the male congregation looked like with hair, the Venue has been turned into a Supermarket and the Cars are all Collectable Classics.....  But seriously .... that's why having the right Wedding Photographer is so important. You will be able to look back and see how wonderful the day was, and the friends and family who shared it with you.


"What do I get and how much does it cost?"

After you have looked through a photographers portfolio you will know if they can offer the style, technique and quality you envisaged for your Wedding. Of course, you will have a budget in mind but with professional photography you are making an investment. Make sure the photographer can give you the style you really want and then discuss prices. My prices range from 395 to 5000. Find what suits you first and then stretch the budget a little if you have too. Click Here to view my Prices. Find a professional photographer who makes you happy and you won't regret it. Your Wedding Album/Book is an investment.

"Ask the Photographer".

Are they registered with the Inland Revenue as a business. Do they have Public Liability & Professional Indemnity insurance. Are they members of a recognised Professional Association. Do they have qualifications from the Association. Do they accept Credit/Debit card payments (EPOS). Do they have a Business Bank account. If the answer is No to any of these questions, my advice is to think very carefully before you book them.


"What do I get for my money?"

I will be your photographer and may have an assistant with me for larger weddings. We have approx 20,000 of equipment with us, including backups. I have my own workflow processing equipment, computers/software. I supply a  hosted web site, offering  viewing and secure protected purchase facilities. I offer free 'no obligation' viewings of my Albums at my Studio in Gloucester, so you can see if my photographic style is for you. I include a complimentary pre Wedding Studio practice session so you will feel more relaxed in front of the camera on your Wedding Day. I contact the Bride & Groom about a week before the Wedding to discuss final details. After the event I start the processing and proofing of your photographs and publish a selection to the website gallery.


"Posed or Candid Photography".

I can offer a combination of both. Most people say they do not like posed photos but it's down to the skill of the photographer to make those shots look as natural as possible. I recommend you take advantage of the complimentary Studio practice sitting I offer before your Wedding. Candid shots are normally taken from a distance with a specialist lens. The subject/s are normally unaware they've been photographed 'paparazzi' style until they see the proofs.


"How long should the Photos take?"

How long have you got? Some venues only have an hour between end of Ceremony & start of the Wedding Breakfast/Reception. That really is not enough. Try to persuade the venue to allow 2 hours. Time really does fly on your Wedding Day. If you have requested a long list of formal shots, for a Traditional package,  expect me to be persistent in trying to get them. From my experience this always takes a lot of time. This is where the assistance of the Best Man & Ushers is not only valuable but essential. Discuss the 'formals' with the photographer a few weeks before the Wedding, when you have a clearer idea of your time scale for the day. You don't want the photography to dominate your day but you do want it right.

For GraphiStudio Clients there is a limit to the number of formals we can accommodate because we are producing an "Art Book with the Bride & Groom as the Stars".


Photographing the Ceremony.

Have you checked with the Vicar/Registrar that they will allow your photographer to capture the Ceremony? For instance, the Gloucestershire County Register Office rules do not normally allow any photography during any Civil Ceremony. We have not found this to be the case with the majority of Churches. Talk to me about your Venue so I can advise how I can help in these situations.


"What's your attitude to Guests with cameras?"

I do not have a problem with Guests taking their own photos, if the Bride & Groom have no objections. I have a very relaxed attitude and am not the type to object to other people photographing 'my' group posing techniques. However, Guests should remember to not cause obstruction or interference to the proceedings. Stay to the side and slightly back from the Photographer and please don't call out "look over here" or we will all end up with shots of the "Group" looking in different directions.

I do insist that my 'exclusive' photographic' session with just the Bride & Groom, is private. This gives the couple a chance to relax & have their very own Special romantic photographs taken, before rejoining their Guests.


"Choosing the right time of day"

Summertime is generally not a problem. We are blessed with many hours of daylight so the time of Ceremony is not critical. Between 12pm & 2pm are considered the most difficult as the sun is high in the sky, although this will not present a problem to the professional. Between the winter months of mid October and March the natural light is generally poor. By 3.30pm it's almost dark. If you book your Wedding in the winter months, booking the Ceremony sometime between 10am & 12pm would be best if you can arrange it. Allow some extra time for Photographs in the winter months.



So, don't leave booking the photographer until the last minute.

Make it a priority. Choose carefully, make sure you like them and that their style suits you. Ask to see sample Albums of their work. Don't expect the photographer to change their style after you have booked them. It's essential to feel comfortable and confident with your photographer. This is going to be a unique experience for you. As a caring photographer I will try to help you as much as I can, not just with the photography.


 Please call 01452 729193 or click on "Contact us" above to arrange a Studio  viewing and see if my style of Wedding Photography is for you.


        Kindest Regards

                        Julie Warner

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